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Post-launch Analytics, Support

Analytics and Support

Once we launch your product we don't say “whooooh, we're done”... We say “Let the Journey Begin!”

Once your product is launched, there is still a lot of room and sometimes necessity to collaborate further.

We will gladly help you with analytics, marketing, management, and any other post-launch tasks your project will require after launch.

At MakeSocial we enjoy watching our projects grow.

That growth requires careful nurturing and regular support. We are responsible parents to our projects and are always there to help resolve an issue, answer a question, or add a quick fix.

How quickly will we respond to your users?

That is up to you, the Product Owner. However, we aspire to respond to the users of our product within a matter of a sprint. We would love to extend your product immediately after your userbase suggests a new feature or a viable suggestion. We understand that this is what makes successful web startups nowadays.

Evolution Marketing

We will gladly phase out the release of your features to your users to strategically deploy functionality with certain intervals, so your users always want to come back for more and see what's new.

We want you to succeed and we will do everything in our power to remain a part of your journey.

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