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Branding & Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity and Brand Design

The way your brand is perceived is essential to your business...

...but you already knew that. You probably already have a brand image you're proud of. If not, we will gladly design it with you.

Every bit of contact that you have with the public, whether they are your customers, stakeholders or just interested parties is marketing.

What's your brand DNA?

Who are your users?
Who are your customers?
What drives users/customers to your brand?
What makes them buy from you or use your product?
What do they expect of your brand?

At MakeSocial we believe that successful brand design is about promoting business strengths and all of the above questions help us to develop the look, feel and messages behind your corporate identity so that we can start to build and communicate your brand. We assemble the gathered data, learn from it and develop a conceptual, strategised approach. The conceptualization and sketching will be based upon your strengths and unique selling points.

Talk to us if you’d like to find out how our corporate identity design and brand consultancy can help you develop a strong business.

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