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Prototyping: Wireframes and Prototypes

Why is prototyping important?

In theory, everything works fine, in practice, it doesn't. Unless we prototype, we can't test your product. Unless we prototype, you can't fully envision your product. In today's business world, to build a product before you've tested it is as risky as risky gets.

How do we solve this problem effectively?

Your requirements may change drastically during the development process. We create wireframes and clickable prototypes to illustrate the features and visualise how all interface elements work together. Our goal is to test them, learn from them, model the product while it is still young, and continue to test it throughout the process until we are completely satisfied with the outcome.

A picture's worth a thousand words.

A prototype is worth a thousand pictures (and roughly a million words). By creating a prototype we discuss the product through visuals instead of words which ensures that everyone shares a common understanding, and it reduces risk and avoids missed requirements, leading to a superior product.

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