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Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

Everything we do is optimized for search engines.

Copywriting on the Internet is greatly influenced by what people search for. With Google now rewarding pages that provide excellent user experience, many online businesses have turned to copywriters to make sure their visitors get what they came for. Good copywriters do their homework, they use available tools to check what people are searching for, what they share on their social media and what makes one business more successful than the other. And then we phrase it effectively. Certain things are necessary to implement during the initial part of creating an online product, if you want to reap the benefits of online positioning later on.

But you need a company who knows what they're doing. MakeSocial.

Sounds easy? It's not. The major search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and you can’t manipulate the rankings anymore like we used to in 2003. Nowadays even the load time of pages and facebook likes associated with them matter.

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