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WebRTC Development

WebRTC Development

We've done so much WebRTC work, we now have a solid team solely dediated to WebRTC extensions of our projects.

WebRTC enables all kinds of real time communication such as audio, video and text between users by utilising the browsers. Using WebRTC bears different benefits for different market segments.

What do you get?

A team, which understands WebRTC inside out. WebRTC enables users to build apps with HTML5 and Javascript. We understand the software kits which are now available to build very compelling desktop and mobile apps. Any connected device can be WebRTC enabled, which means every connected device — computers, tablets, televisions — can become a communications device. These tools are radically disrupting the market by empowering every user to make their own apps and include WebRTC features.

Full ownership of your WebRTC enabled intellectual property, which you have full control over at every step of the way, every sprint, every iteration, every phase. While it remains yours, we value your IP as we would our own.

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